Europe,  France

Paris Walk

Walking tours are free!! One of the best ways to explore a city is by walking. I was in Paris for eight days and besides my work, I was walking around, each day discovering something exciting and new. I also took the metro and the local buses. The Paris metro is one of the best systems and the oldest in the world….almost on par with New York and London. There are more than 300 stations. So you can cover more distances by taking a train and then explore the new area by walking. Just ensure you have a light backpack, comfortable shoes, a bottle of water and a great smile. A smile breaks the ice with the locals and they will show directions happily! Do you know that cafe sitting is a fantastic Parisian sport? Anyone can partake in this sport, and you don’t even have to be French, and I love this sport. If ever there is a game that I can do well – it would be café sitting, slowly sipping a hot drink, nibbling a piece of heaven, people watching, pondering about life and planning my next book or project. Creative imagination will just stand before my eyes, sitting at a sidewalk café in cool Paris!!

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