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Water, Air and Earth elements at Munnar

Munnar, both in Malayalam (language of Kerala) and Tamil (language of Tamil Nadu), means three rivers, as it is the merging place of three mountain streams – Madurapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundale. I was well prepared for the 4-5 hours drive uphill. I always liked hill resorts especially the breathtaking foggy hill views you get as you go up the winding narrow roads. The Deepa World Spice and Ayurveda Plantation is a spice garden was established 37 years ago and it offers Ayurveda treatments. Anyone can walk into this plantation of medicinal plants and can request for a guided tour. This tour of the spice garden opened my eyes and brain to many herbs that I have only read about. I got to see it all visually and even smell it.

I also visited the Eravikulam National Park also known as the Rajamalai National Park . This is about 45 km from Munnar and this park houses many endangered and rare species of animals and plants like the Nilgiri Thars (mountain goat), grizzled giant squirrel, tigers, leopards and elephants and more. I heard that the largest kinds of Atlas moths are also found here. A rare flower Neelakurinji that blooms once in twelve years is also found here.

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