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Thai Omelette

Posted by devagi

Have you ever ordered and eaten a Thai Omelette in a Thai restaurant and wondered how they get the omelette so fluffy on the inside, yet crispy on the edges and so flavorful? Have you ever eaten a plate of steaming hot rice, a well-made Thai omelette, few pieces of chopped coriander leaves and slices of raw onion? It is plain heaven! So yums!


3 X 60 g eggs

2 teaspoons fish sauce

1 teaspoon lime juice

1 tablespoon rice flour

1 tablespoon water

1-2 tablespoons spring onions, cut into 3 cm pieces

4-5 tablespoons cooking oil


Beat the FIRST SIX ingredients in a mixing bowl until lump free and frothy.

Heat oil till smoking, in a wok.

Pour the beaten eggs from a height of about 30cm and you will see the omelette puffing immediately.

This stage is so important for making a crisp edge, moist and tender inside omelette.

Flip the omelette after about 30 seconds to let the other side cook.

Dish out to a serving plate.

NOTE: Sometimes I would add chopped spring onions, green chillies, shallots or even chopped prawns to the beaten eggs.

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