Indonesia,  Java

Awe-Inspiring Summit

Visiting Borobudur in Yogyakarta was an amazing experience, a journey through time and spirituality. As I got closer to the huge structure, the size and detailed design of the world’s largest Buddhist temple left me speechless.

Climbing the temple’s steep steps, I was amazed by the precise and artistic stone carvings. Each level told stories from Buddhist teachings, shown in thousands of relief panels. These carvings illustrated the life of the Buddha and his path to enlightenment, offering deep insights into ancient Buddhist philosophy and culture.

Borobudur is closed on Mondays for essential maintenance and preservation work to ensure the temple’s longevity and structural integrity.  Access to the central stupa at the top of Borobudur is currently restricted to protect and maintain the temple’s intricate details and overall integrity for future generations.

Borobudur is designed with nine stacked platforms. The first six are square, and the top three are circular, ending in the central stupa at the summit. This layout symbolizes the path to enlightenment in Buddhist cosmology, moving from the earthly realm at the base to the spiritual realm at the top.

Climbing Borobudur is both physically and spiritually demanding. The steps are steep and can be challenging, especially in areas without railings. Visitors must be careful and ready for a bit of a workout. The ascent involves navigating narrow and sometimes uneven stone steps, requiring a cautious and mindful approach. Despite the challenges, the effort is rewarded with magnificent views and profound historical and spiritual insights at each level, ending in the serene and awe-inspiring summit.

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