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Chinese Fishing Nets

The Chinese fishing nets also known as “Cheenavala” in Malayalam language has been introduced to Cochin by Chinese Explorer Zheng He. Zheng He is from the court of Kublai Khan. Therefore the Chinese fishing nets were established in Cochin (Kochi) fron 1350 AND 1450 AD. The most popular icon of Fort Kochi is the row of Chinese fishing nets along the stretch of coast. Manoj said that traders from China introduced this type of fishing method. This seems to be the only place outside of China that still uses the Chinese fishing nets. Many fishermen are still earning their livelihood using this method. At a distance, the nets looked like gigantic hammocks on bamboo poles and weighed down with rocks! I think I can spend a day (if it is not too hot) just standing there watching the nets moving up and down!