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The Downsides of Online Food Ordering

It was during the initial Covid-19 period that I first placed an order for food online.ย  It was a novel experience for me then.ย  The anticipation of trying out dishes from chosen ย restaurants without having to leave the comfort of my home seemed exciting.

The Hokkien Noodles I ordered arrived in a neatly packed plastic container, complete with two packets of sambal. I vividly recall the mouthwatering aroma as I carried it from the door to my kitchen. However, upon opening the container, I was taken aback. The noodles had absorbed an excessive amount of the stock, resulting in a bloated, unappetizing appearance. It lacked any semblance of moisture, resembling more of a dense cake than a noodle dish. Despite this, I tried to savor it, imagining it to be a savory seafood cake. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the most disappointing meal I’ve had in the past four years.

Ordering food online has certainly revolutionized the way we eat, offering convenience and variety at our fingertips. However, it’s important to acknowledge that there can be some negative consequences associated with this convenience.

I’m familiar with several families who make online food orders on a frequent, and in some cases, daily basis. This raises concerns for me because it often means they’re missing out on physical activity, which can lead to health issues over time. A common practice is to unwrap the food packages and consume the meal while seated in front of the television. This not only leads to poor posture while eating, but it also takes away from the joy of savoring a meal. 

Furthermore, many online ordering platforms lack options for customizing orders, such as requesting reduced salt, oil, sugar, or additional vegetables. This means consumers have limited control over the quality of the food and the ingredients being used. This can impact the overall nutritional value of the meals being delivered.

Relying on online food orders often leads to significant food wastage. If the food is unsatisfactory due to lack of taste or incorrect orders, it’s often discarded. Some individuals may feel guilty about discarding it and end up consuming it, which can lead to weight gain and health issues. Additionally, have you ever noticed that most cooked food delivered lacks a nutritional label?

Another important consideration is the fate of all those empty plastic containers. Many people simply toss them into the garbage bin. Some may initially wash and keep them for recycling, but eventually, they find themselves disposing of them due to accumulating too many. It’s worth noting that you’re actually paying for these plastic containers!