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Traditional Mouth Freshener

“Mukhwas” is a traditional mouth freshener served in Indian restaurants after a meal.

It is a mixture of seeds, nuts, and spices like fennel seeds, anise seeds, sesame seeds, and dried coconut, sweetened and flavored with spices such as cardamom and clove.

These ingredients are believed to aid digestion and freshen breath due to their properties.

This practice is deeply rooted in Indian culture as a way to mark the end of a meal and provide a refreshing end to the dining experience.

Mukhwas also acts as a palate cleanser, refreshing taste buds and cleansing the mouth of lingering flavors from the meal.

Overall, mukhwas serves multiple purposes – aiding digestion, freshening breath, and providing a traditional and flavorful end to a meal, making it a popular and customary practice in Indian dining establishments.
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