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Warung Ijo

Recently, I came across an interesting website featuring an Indonesian vegetarian restaurant in Beach Road.  I was elated as I have hardly heard of Malay or Indonesian vegetarian restaurants in town.  So, when my eating partner hinted that she would treat me to an Indonesian vegetarian lunch I was a bit sceptical.  But I changed my mind after visiting what may be the first Indonesian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore.

Warung Ijo is located in Beach Road. The restaurant staff were very friendly and welcomed everyone warmly.  The interior wall décor was very simple – a bicycle frame, different types of tables and chairs and even swing seats were used to decorate the restaurant.

The menu is big and once you have made your decision with your choice of dishes, you will have to go up to the cashier and pay for your food before you sit down.  Though I like this method of paying first, it can be annoying when your eating kakis decide to order more dishes or even a drink in the midst of the meal…..you will have to go pay for it first!  I do not like to get up in the midst of a superb meal.

I tried the Nasi Lemak Set with Egg and choice of “meat”.  I opted for fried “chicken”.  The so-called meat used in this restaurant is all plant-based.

The Nasi Lemak set comprised of very aromatic, rich coconut rice, fried chicken cubes with flour crisps, hardboiled egg, stir fried long beans, fried finely shredded tapioca and peanuts cooked like you would cook sambal ikan bilis and peanuts. 

A mixed vegetable fritter to represent the usual omelette was served with the nasi lemak, with two thick slices of cucumber and a slightly spicy sambal.  It was priced at $11.90 and absolutely good value for money with so many flavours and textures.  I was told that I can opt for very spicy sambal when placing the order.

I also ordered the Sambal King.  This spicy hot sambal was cooked with my favourite vegetables – long beans, ladies fingers, eggplants and petai.  You have an option of ordering each of these vegetables cooked separately with sambal too.  At $9.90, the Sambal King was a big portion that can be shared by three-four persons.

For dessert, the Chendol was so worth the $5.90!  In fact, it is one of the best Chendol I had eaten in a long time.  The green “worm” was home-made, soft, and aromatic.  The gula melaka was proper palm sugar and the chendol also came with red beans and attap chee.  Attap chee is sweet, translucent, preserved Nipah palm seeds.

Overall, I am happy that a restaurant like Warung Ijo exists for the many vegetarians who crave for Indonesian dishes.  And the chef and management have done a great job developing the meatless menu.


  1. Closed on Mondays.
  2. Opt for no egg if you are vegan when ordering dishes and inform the cashier beforehand if you want less spicy or very spicy dishes.
  3. This is a alliums free, alcohol/wine-free and vegan-friendly restaurant.


337 Beach Rd, Singapore 199565

Phone: 8857 8600

Website: https://www.facebook.com/SGWarungIjo/