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Under Der Linden

When a friend told me that she had booked a restaurant at Portsdown Road, I could only imagine, Fusionpolis, Mediacorp Studios and the likes.  However, alighting from the taxi, I was pleasantly surprised the place resembled a small town in Europe. The floral themed restaurant is in one of the colonial buildings with lots of space for carparking.

The pet friendly restaurant has both indoor and alfresco dining areas.  The exterior and interior of the restaurant is decorated with floral drapes, fresh and dried flowers, vintage marble tables with small posy of flowers and retro rattan chairs.  The whole place has a very European feel.

We were there for breakfast.  When I scanned the QR quote for the menu, I was disappointed to note that many of my favourite dishes were marked as “not available”.  This left me with very little choice for breakfast.

My friend had the Open-Faced Avocado Sandwich ($22) which was a slice of sourdough bread with beetroot hummus, heather honey and a sous vide egg.  She liked it and finished every morsel.

I ordered the Trio French Baguette Bruschetta ($18).  I wanted a small breakfast that was not heavy on the starches and this dish satisfied my craving.  The order came with three different flavours of bruschetta.

The Tomato bruschetta had finely chopped tomatoes on the top with grated pecorino cheese.  The tomatoes were just about right piled on the bruschetta.  I hate eating bruschetta that has chunky pieces of tomato that fall off the bread when biting.

I had two portions of the Kombu Butter, Fresh Corn and Stracciatella Cheese. Being a vegetarian,  I did not want the original Spot Prawn, Green Apple and Caviar bruschetta. I must say that the corn bruschetta was my favourite.  The whole combination of the butter, corn and the creamy cheese was a delight to eat.

The Charcoal Grilled Green Asparagus ($14) with burnt soy butter and finely chopped roasted hazelnut was tender, barely smoky, and naturally sweet.  I was glad I was not sold pencil thin grilled asparagus.  The thick asparagus is always best for grilling.

Under der Linden has some interesting desserts.  We chose the Inaya Dark Choco Cake ($14).  I loved this cake that had layers of different flavours including the intense cocoa taste with a good balance of bitterness and acidic notes.

Coffee was good, my company was good, food was good and what more does one want on a Sunday morning? I felt the food was slightly on the high side but then when I think of the number of hours I spent there, it was very well worth the money and the distance.


Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm (Sun – Thurs)

                             9am – 10pm (Fri – Sat)

This is a pet friendly place. If you have allergy to furs, take note.

Bus number 191 stops just outside the restaurant.


5B Portsdown Rd

Singapore 139311

Phone: +65 9838 2977

Website: https://underderlinden.com.sg