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Shrinkflation! – Read your labels!

SHRINKFLATION – same price, less in packets!

Deepavali and Christmas are approaching. Many of you have already begun preparations for baking for Deepavali, and some have even started soaking dried fruits for the Christmas cake.

For years, many of you have faithfully followed family recipes that call for ingredients like “one packet butter,” “1 packet flour,” and “half packet sugar,” among others. However, it’s important to note that nowadays, it’s crucial to carefully read the packaging before making a purchase. Some companies have reduced the quantity of ingredients in their packaging. For example, a certain brand of butter that used to be 250g is now 200g, and a specific brand of flour has decreased from 800g to a smaller amount. You may be paying the same price for a smaller volume than you used to! Shrinkflation, is becoming very common in the food industry. Some cereal brands now contain less cereal in the same-sized box, and some fruit juices may no longer be 1000ml. It’s easy to be deceived by the size of the packaging alone.

Always remember to carefully read the labels and examine the packaging. This is especially important when ordering ingredients online, particularly canned, or dry goods. Don’t forget to check the expiry date too. I once had a disappointing experience of ordering an expensive cheese online, only to receive it and discover that it would expire in just four days.

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