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Kerala Toddy Shop Dishes – cooking demo

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of conducting a cooking demonstration organized by at the @rumahkimchoo. 

Sharing recipes and conducting cooking demonstrations evoke a profound sense of joy and fulfilment for me. Witnessing participants, spanning generations, eagerly learning to cook ignites a sense of communal excitement. The bond shared in these classes extends beyond the kitchen, evolving into enduring relationships.

As students pass on recipes to their grandchildren, the connection persists, becoming a lifelong journey of culinary exploration. Consultations from younger generations further cement this bond, transcending mere instruction to become cherished friendships.

Gathering with these individuals for meals and conversations about food and life deepens the sense of camaraderie. Cooking classes thus become more than just culinary educationโ€”they are gatherings of kindred spirits, united by a shared love for food, cooking, and the connections forged through these experiences.

Thank you @nyonyaliz for facilitating this event.

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